We got married in Italy 05.25.2015!
Mr. & Mrs. Magasweran
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Wedding Photos

Wedding photos from our ceremony in Rome, Italy!

We decided to do a symbolic ceremony/honeymoon in Italy while we were on vacation.

We used the amazing Rochelle Cheever http://rochellecheever.com/ for our photography.

We started our day in...

an alley in Monti

Our Fiat

Then we jumped in our old Fiat.


We took in views of the city

Castel St'Angelo

and stopped by the river


then to the Colloseum

Views of Rome

then to the top of the city at sunset


Our private Colosseum


Pillars in Rome

Tiber river

Wedding rings and vows

About Us

Our 7 Year Timeline...By Rachel and dedicated to Lucas.
These have been the best years of my life. I’m so glad that we found each other and can spend the rest of our lives together.
Je t'aime plus tous les jours.

  • Feb 2008

    When we met

    Rachel and Lucas met at their first job, Econolite. They first saw each other in the hall. She was thinking "Who is that hot, nerdy guy in tight pants?" and he was daydreaming about his traffic cabinets! Months later, they met at an ice cream event and couldn't stop talking. Weeks later, Rachel wrote Lucas a letter professing her love with a checkbox of "do you feel the same "yes" or "no"?". He said yes!. [Daft Punk made the song "Something About Us" about the romantic gesture].

  • 2008

    Their first year

    They fell in love fast and started living together in Anaheim. They felt so close but weren't married yet, so they became the "Robotos". They traveled to San Francisco together for their first Valentines celebration. On thier six month anniversary, they traveled to Ireland and London for Rachel's first trip abroad! Finally, they traveled to New York to visit Lucas' family for Christmas. This started their traveling adventures that would last for years to come.

  • 2009-2011

    Big travels and new adventures

    Lucas and Rachel traveled to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Lucas completed his Engineering masters. They continued to work at Econolite together until Rachel left for a better job in 2011. They moved to Placentia for a change, but soon the OC bored them and they looked into moving somewhere more exciting since their travels showed them there was so much more out there. Biggest Event: Meeting Mooney Kilgore-Magasweran-Roboto(the cat).

  • 2012-2014

    Big moves together

    In 2012, the Roboto family moved to LA and Lucas started his new job at WD. In 2013, they traveled to France, Sweden, and Norway to visit both Lucas' family and Rachel's newfound Norwegian family. In 2014, Rachel started her masters in business and they bought a loft together in DTLA.

  • 2015

    Wedding bells in Italy

    Everyone asked when they were finally going to get married. For years they talked about different scenarios including: a 40 day stay in France, a Hindu ceremony in Sri Lanka, a translator saying their Italian vows on a mountain in Amalfi, Big Sur, a vegas style wedding in Copenhagen, a helicopter ride to a cliff in New Zealand, city hall in San Francisco among the hordes of homeless, a rooftop in New York, an ice castle in Canada, on a deserted island and a honeymoon for six months in a submarine, and of course a trip to space...but nothing was right. Neither of them liked big, traditional weddings either. So one day, Rachel had an idea of it just being the two of them. Lucas liked this and they decided to do it. Plans changed many times, and they thought Italy would be perfect because they already had tickets to the next World Fair in Milan. They secretly planned away and decided to have a ceremony in Italy and a courthouse wedding with family and Moon as the ring bearer!

  • Happily


Magasweran:/ˈmæg-əz-[wer]-ən/ n. (pl.-s)

Our Name Change Options

After years of discussing our possible name changes, we found out there were a few options. We chose Magasweran as the family name after a long analysis on the other options available on the marriage license. California allows couples to choose from four different options. We wanted to share a few with you:

Option 1: Change our names to Magasweran
  • Magaweran: It's unique and reminds us of Sri Lanka
Option 2: Keep my name or change both our names to mine
  • Kilgore: We get family discounts in Oklahoma
Option 3: Hyphenate our names
  • Kilgore-Magasweran would break all e-mail algorithms in the universe and would be so long I would cry. Veto.
Option 4: Merge our names
    This was the most hilarious/terrifying option and here are a few options of merged names and meanings:
  • Magore: People in Japan will think we're from the future or a monster from Godzilla.
  • Kilran: A verb used for escaped murders
  • Kilsweran: Afghan for Tamil Tiger
  • Weranomagas: A Sri Lankan-French dinosaur

Magasweran Family

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Lucas Magasweran

Mr. Magasweran

Rachel Magasweran

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Moon Magasweran


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